Wildcard watch
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The world's first secure wearable platform uniquely implemented in a conventional mechanical watch. Wildcard combines several core functions - Secure Element, NFC, BLE, biometrics, wireless charging, multiple UI - in a compact SIM-sized (10x15mm) customisable module. The Wildcard platform enables four mass market use cases:

  • Contactless payments - offering the same functionality as Apple Pay, with intuitive UI and biometric security, offline and online;
  • Transit ticketing - supporting all transit protocols worldwide and allowing for instant ad hoc issuance of a local travel card or a transit ticket;
  • Access control - offering third parties access to "Secure NFC/BLE" via open API;
  • Security - remote two-factor user authentication using biometrics and Secure Element as well as "prolonged Customer Verification Method (CVM)" to ensure persistent transparent security, online and offline.


  • EMV tokenisation
  • MasterCard,Visa,China Union Pay
  • Biometrics
  • Retail and online
  • Intent to pay

Several cards in one convenient device. Choose whether you want to pay with Visa or MasterCard.


  • Biometrics & SE (2FA)
  • Proximity and vicinity
  • Remote user authentication
  • Continued CVM
  • E-commerce, social, spies

Two-Factor authentication for connected devices


  • Proximity via NFC & BLE
  • Vicinity via BLE
  • Biometrics + SE
  • Open API for third parties

Control access to you home or car with watch as a unique electronic key.


  • Instant local travel card
  • All transit protocols worldwide
  • Smart Ticketing as a Service
  • Non-transit tickets too

Several transport cards in one convenient device.


  • US$400+
  • No transit
  • Walled garden
  • 1-day battery life


  • US$15+
  • Transit worldwide
  • Open API & PaaS
  • 6-12 months battery life
  • Biometrics (optional)